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Who's Who in the Shared






Shared Strategy for Puget Sound Board of Directors
Formal responsibility for the non-profit organization (read more)…

  • Honorable Ralph Munro, former Washington Secretary of State—President
  • Billy Frank, Jr., Chair, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC)—Vice President
  • Colin Moseley, Simpson Investment—Secretary
  • Marie Mentor, Laird Norton Trust Company and Pacific Rivers Council—Treasurer
  • Lorraine Loomis, Fisheries Manager, Swinomish Tribe
  • Honorable Dan Evans, former Governor and U.S. Senator


Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council (Recovery Council)
Sets policy direction for the Shared Strategy process (read more)…

  • Bill Ruckelshaus, Chair, Development Committee and Salmon Recovery Funding Board
  • Brad Ack, Puget Sound Action Team
  • Randy Acker, Washington Department of Natural Resources
  • Ken Berg, US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Bill Blake, SIRC Stillaguamish (watershed); alternate: Pat Stevenson
  • Michael Bogert, EPA Region 10; alternate: Tom Eaton
  • Barbara Cairns, Long Live the Kings
  • Scott Chitwood/Doug Morrill, Elwha/Dungeness (watershed); alternate #1: Doug Morrill; alternate #2: Chris Weller
  • Don Davidson, Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish (watershed); alternate: Larry Phillips
  • Debby Hyde, Pro tem, Puyallup/White & Clover/Chambers (watershed)
  • Jayni Kamin, South Puget Sound Nearshore (watershed)
  • Bob Kelly, Natural Resources Director, Nooksack Tribe
  • Randy Kinley, Lummi Nation; alternate: tribal member
  • Jeff Koenings, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; alternate #1: Bob Everitt; alternate #2: Sue Patnude
  • Darlene Kordonowy, East Kitsap; alternate: William Knobloch (watershed)
  • Debra Lewis, US Army Corps of Engineers; alternate: Bernie Hargrave
  • Steve Lewis, ESA Business Coalition; alternate: John Crull
  • Bob Lohn, NOAA Fisheries; alternate #1: Donna Darm; alternate #2: Rob Walton
  • Jay Manning, Washington Department of Ecology; alternate: Josh Baldi
  • Rob Masonis, American Rivers
  • Jeff Tate, Planning Assistant Director, Island (watershed)
  • Jim Miller, Snohomish (watershed); alternate: Dave Somers
  • Steve Mullet, Duwamish/ Green (watershed)
  • Bob Nichols, Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office
  • Diane Oberquell, Nisqually (watershed); alternate: Jeanette Dormer
  • Kevin Ranker, San Juan Islands (watershed)
  • Bruce Roll, Nooksack (watershed)
  • Joe Ryan, Washington Environmental Council
  • Mike Shelby, Western Washington Agriculture Association
  • Shirley Solomon, Skagit Watershed Council
  • David Troutt, Nisqually Tribe; alternate: tribal member
  • Josh Weiss, Washington Forest Protection Association
  • Terry Williams, Tulalip Tribes; alternate: tribal member

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Puget Sound Technical Recovery Team (PS TRT)
Develop technical delisting criteria and guidance for salmon recovery in Puget Sound (read more)…

  • Mary Ruckelshaus, Chair - National Marine Fisheries Service
  • Ken Currens, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
  • Bob Fuerstenburg, King County Department of Natural Resources
  • Bill Graeber, Stillwater Consultants
  • Kit Rawson, Tulalip Tribes
  • Norma Jean Sands, NOAA Fisheries, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
  • Jim Scott, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

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Recovery Council Policy Work Group
Provides strategy advice on policy issues (read more)…

  • Elizabeth Babcock, NOAA Fisheries
  • Josh Baldi, Department of Ecology
  • Susan Bishop, NOAA Fisheries
  • Scott Brewer, Hood Canal Coordinating Council
  • Jeffrey Chan, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Margaret Duncan, Shared Strategy
  • Jim Kramer, Shared Strategy
  • Sara Laborde, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Matt Longenbaugh, NOAA Fisheries
  • Carol MacIlroy, Shared Strategy
  • Lloyd Moody, Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office
  • Jagoda Perich-Anderson, Shared Strategy
  • David St. John, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks
  • Tim Tynan, NOAA Fisheries
  • Terry Wright, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission and Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project Steering Committee

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Shared Strategy Staff
Facilitates Regional Recovery Process (Click to read staff biographies)

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What We Do

Watershed Implementation Groups

  • Fourteen watershed areas are participating in the Shared Strategy to recover salmon and obtain the commitments needed to achieve them
  • These individual watershed groups are developing the technical content and implementation structure of their local recovery chapter
  • Watersheds are working with stakeholders in the Puget Sound to integrate science and social policy into the regional recovery plan
  • The regional consensus process ensures the plan ultimately reflects local needs and priorities while meeting ESA requirements

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Shared Strategy for Puget Sound Board of Directors

  • Formal responsibility for the non-profit organization (Puget Sound Salmon Forum)
  • Formal authority to hire and direct Forum staff and consultant resources. This responsibility could be delegated to subcommittee of board and connected to the Development Committee
  • Approve and oversee funding approach for Shared Strategy effort
  • Assist the Development Committee in evaluating the political support for recovery and the necessary elements. Provide support for the Shared Strategy in response to requests from the Development Committee

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Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council (RC)

  • Set policy direction for implementation of the Shared Strategy process
  • Direct staff group comprised of Forum staff, consultants, and loaned agency staff
  • Determine, in consultation with the Board of Directors and Shared Strategy Council, if there is sufficient commitment at all levels for each step of the Shared Strategy
  • Direct the development of a proposed recovery plan that captures the interests and needs of the Shared Strategy Council and other participants in recovery
  • Develop and direct strategic approaches to near-term issues and actions raised by the Shared Strategy Council

    Development Committee Retreat Materials (April 24–25, 2003)

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Puget Sound Technical Recovery Team (PS TRT)

The Puget Sound Technical Recovery Team is an independent scientific body convened by the NOAA Fisheries Service to develop technical delisting criteria and guidance for salmon recovery planning in Puget Sound

  • Identify population/ ESU delisting criteria
  • Characterize habitat/fish productivity relationship
  • Identify factors for decline and limiting factors
  • Identify early actions for recovery
  • Identify research, monitoring, and evaluation needs
  • Serve as science advisors to groups charged with developing measures to achieve recovery goals

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Recovery Council Policy Work Group

  • Draft recovery plan consistent with direction of Development Committee and input from Board of Directors and Shared Strategy Council
  • Tee up key policy issues for the Development Committee
  • Manage and coordinate project work program. Secure funding for work program
  • Manage communication among key groups and organizations. Perform outreach to key groups
  • Manage administrative tasks for Shared Strategy

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