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Shared Strategy Summit

January 26–27, 2005


Dear Colleagues,

It is with a great deal of excitement that I invite you to the 2005 Shared Strategy Summit on January 26th and 27th. The Summit is a key milestone for the Shared Strategy in that it begins to integrate the final stages of the planning phase with the beginning of the implementation phase. It is the place for tribal leaders, elected officials at all levels of government, federal and state agency directors, watershed leaders and community members representing a variety of interests to direct our collective efforts for the salmon and affirm our commitments.

Everyone attending will have the opportunity to influence key elements of the regional recovery plan that will be completed in June 2005. Participant input and recommendations from breakout sessions will be reported to the whole assembly, and will guide final plan content.

Leaders from all interests participating in the Shared Strategy will confirm regional and local watershed recovery goals, 10-year objectives, the conditions that need to be in place to make implementation commitments, and the funding needed to achieve plan actions.

The Summit is also the first chance for people to see how individual planning efforts will come together to create a comprehensive regional salmon recovery strategy—a shared strategy built on the foundation of local initiatives. You will hear about innovative and significant proposals, projects and incentives that meet the needs of both people and salmon.

We are also bringing back, by popular demand, the Awards Banquet on the evening of the 26th. You won’t want to miss this fun and energetic celebration of the many fine examples of progress to restore salmon runs underway across the Puget Sound.

Please come and help us launch the next 10 years of recovery!

Jim Kramer, Executive Director
Shared Strategy for Puget Sound

Summit Goals

  • Recognize and celebrate the many successes to date.
  • Hear about specific agreements and help refine commitments for the future.
  • Discuss innovative projects and incentives that meet the needs of people and salmon.
  • Help launch the next 10 years of actions to restore Puget Sound watersheds and salmon runs.

Special Features

  • Art, Culture and Salmon
    The heart of wild salmon’s cultural significance in the Puget Sound will be represented by northwest sculptors, photographers, painters and poets. Their artistic work will surround us in the beautiful and spacious Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, reminding us of those who are not present, but who care as we do, for a future where both people and salmon can co-exist.
    An interactive sculptural piece entitled: “Words for the Future of Home” will invite Summit participants to relax in a contemplative setting before contributing their pithy thoughts and dreams on a post-it note stuck to the surface of a “soul salmon.”
  • Cascade Dialogues
    Participate in creating a 100-year conservation vision through the Cascade Dialogues. The Cascade Land Conservancy will have surveys for you to fill out to describe your desired future for the waters that sustain us, cascades that inspire us and communities that define us.
  • Exhibitors
    Groups from across the Sound supporting salmon recovery and Puget Sound health will showcase their proudest accomplishments from their past, present and proposed future work.
  • Bull Trout
    Copies of the draft Bull Trout Recovery Plans will be available at the Summit. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with the Shared Strategy process to identify specific actions that will meet these goals in concert with salmon recovery in Puget Sound.
  • Recognition Dinner
    A revitalizing event to honor accomplishments and highlight salmon recovery heroes, we will begin the evening with a no-host reception and follow with dinner and Recognition Awards. The Honorable (dynamic and humorous) Ralph Munro, Master of Ceremonies, will lead us in this evening of festivity and merriment as we celebrate the good work being done by so many around the Puget Sound.
  • Internet Café
    Stay connected! A complimentary Internet Café service will be available allowing you to check e-mails, search the Web and conduct online business during the Summit.

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