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Who We Are

Margaret Duncan, Watershed Liaison: WRIAs 8–20

Margaret Duncan is a Watershed Liaison, Shared Strategy for Puget Sound, focusing primarily on WRIAs 8 through 20. Margaret is a political scientist with twenty years of experience in natural resource management and social and economic research. She has worked on land acquisition and Endangered Species Act-related activities with Seattle City Light. While working with the Suquamish Tribe Fisheries Department, she engaged in collaborative efforts with federal, tribal and state natural resource trustees and local government representatives concerning superfund site listing and clean-up processes, source control, and habitat restoration within the Green/Duwamish watershed. Margaret was a representative on the Elliott Bay/Duwamish Restoration Program Panel and technical working groups, and chaired the public participation and budget committees.

Jim Kramer, Executive Director

Jim Kramer is Executive Director, Shared Strategy for Puget Sound. Jim has twenty-five years of experience in natural resource programs, public policy, public finance and environmental issues. He graduated from The Evergreen State College with a degree in natural sciences and is a proud geoduck. Since college, Jim has worked for a number of local governments, including King County where he created and managed the Surface Water Management Division. Jim has facilitated numerous interdisciplinary science and policy groups and has helped to create consensus agreements between diverse interests. Prior to Shared Strategy, Jim assisted in the creation of the statewide program for salmon habitat funding (Salmon Recovery Funding Board) and facilitated decisions on $100 million in project funds. He is currently responsible for managing the development of the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan with the involvement of 14 watersheds and several hundred stakeholders across Puget Sound.

Domonique Lewis, Office Manager

Domonique combines her studies in economics and urban ecology planning with her customer service experience to help run the Shared Strategy office with skill and insight. Domonique is not only organized and good with people, she is also committed to making sure that everything she does meets high standards. In her previous job working for Wellington Builders, customers frequently commented on Domonique’s thoughtfulness, follow-through and how easy she was to work with. Domonique is interested in seeing how to use incentives to motivate people to balance natural resource economies with habitat protection and restoration. Domonique is a volunteer salmon naturalist on the Cedar River.

Carol MacIlroy, Watershed Liaison: WRIAs 1–7

Carol MacIlroy is a Watershed Liaison, Shared Strategy for Puget Sound, focusing primarily on WRIAs 1 through 7 and the nearshore environment. Carol has been working on natural resource issues in King County since 1995. As a business and Endangered Species Act outreach specialist for King County's Department of Natural Resources, Carol involved community leaders and stakeholders in shaping and understanding salmon recovery planning in the Green-Duwamish watershed. As Seattle Director for the YMCA's Earth Service Corps and an assistant with the Thornton Creek Project she facilitated community and youth efforts to assess and take action to improve their home watersheds. Carol recently returned from a year of volunteer work with the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment.


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