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January 19, 2007
Federal Adoption of the Salmon Recovery Plan

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Bob Lohn, NOAA regional director

Remarks » Jeff Koenings, WDFW director

Letter » Senator Patty Murray

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Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan

Volume I is an extremely large 51MB file, available for download here in zip format. We’ve broken it into smaller files by chapters and sections, below, but some files are still large. Call Carol Joyce at 503-230–5408 or e-mail to request a CD of the plan; include your name and mailing address with the subject line ‘‘CD-ROM Request for Final ESA Recovery Plan for Puget Sound Chinook Salmon.’’ All Vol. I documents below are in Adobe PDF format.

Volume I, Recovery Plan:

Cover (PDF 2.8MB)

Title Page, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents (PDF 331KB)

Executive Summary (PDF 820KB)

Chapter 1: One Strategy Shared by Many (PDF 3MB)

Chapter 2: Status of Threatened Species

Chapter 3: Factors Affecting Puget Sound Salmon and Bull Trout

Chapter 4: Technical Recovery Criteria and Goals for Puget Sound Chinook Salmon and Bull Trout (PDF 1.6MB)

Chapter 5: Watershed Profiles

Chapter 6: Regional Salmon Recovery Strategies

Chapter 7: Adaptive Management and Monitoring for the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan (PDF 496KB)

Chapter 8: Financing Puget Sound Salmon Recovery (PDF 352KB)

Chapter 9: Implementation (PDF 65KB)


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