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Fear is the obstacle to salmon recovery.

Fear that if I extent my hand, you will turn away or others will ridicule me,

Fear that if I share my vision, you will cast it aside,

Fear that my sacrifices will be for naught.

Leadership will achieve our goal.

Strength to be the first one,

Hardness to withstand the critics,

Humanity to realize that your dream is mine,

Pride to know that together we will achieve salmon recovery not just for us but for those that come after.

— George Boggs   
Inspired by the Agriculture Breakout Session, Shared Strategy for Puget Sound Conference, February 5, 2003.
Author George Boggs is executive director of the Whatcom Conservation District, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing technical assistance and promoting conservation education to foster healthy relationships between the environment and people.


Shared Strategy Conference
What’s Working, What’s Next for People and
Salmon in Puget Sound

February 5-6, 2003
Tacoma, Washington

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Shared Strategy Conference in the News

The Olympian, February 6, 2003
"Hundreds Assemble for Sake of Salmon"

Bremerton Sun, February 7, 2003
"Locke vows to protect salmon from budget ax"

The Olympian, February 7, 2003
"Money stream for salmon aid slows"

Tacoma News Tribune, February 7, 2003
"Locke supports money for salmon, but less in hard times"

The Olympian, February 9, 2003
"Nisqually River Watershed Is Model of Cooperation, Action"


The Shared Strategy for Puget Sound Conference is part of an effort to build a collaborative salmon recovery plan for Puget Sound with the commitment necessary to implement it at the private, local, state, tribal and federal levels.

Shared Strategy for Puget Sound has invited a broad cross section of leadership from across the region, including tribal leaders, business interests, government officials, nonprofit and advocacy organizations, scientists, farmers, landowners and others directly affected by salmon recovery actions. Over two days, we will bring together our collective experience to identify the elements essential to successful salmon recovery, strong economies and healthy communities.

State, tribal and federal governments have outlined the elements of a region-wide recovery plan and recommended specific recovery targets. The next step is to broadly engage people in all 15 watersheds and the marine waters of Puget Sound to establish mutual recovery objectives and to identify key actions to achieve them. By June 2004, Shared Strategy will combine all 15 watershed goals and implementation plans and determine whether together they add up to salmon recovery. Shared Strategy is on target to finalize a regional recovery plan by June 2005.


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