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The 2005 Salmon Summit
The 2005 Salmon Summit was a milestone event for the Puget Sound region’s efforts to bring salmon back. Over two days more than 600 officials and community leaders gathered in Tacoma to forge the region’s first-ever plan to protect and restore salmon runs.

For complete summary information and conference resources, visit the 2005 Salmon Summit Speeches, Presentations, & Summaries page.

2003 Shared Strategy Conference
In 2003, Shared Strategy for Puget Sound invited a broad cross section of leadership from across the region — including tribal leaders, business interests, government officials, nonprofit and advocacy organizations, scientists, farmers, landowners and others directly affected by salmon recovery actions — to identify the elements essential to successful salmon recovery, strong economies and healthy communities.

For complete summary information and conference resources, visit the 2003 Shared Strategy Conference Speeches, Presentation, & Summaries page.

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Working Together on the Path to Salmon Recovery: H-integration and Adaptive Management Workshop, June 20-21, 2006


PowerPoint Presentations

2006 HI-AMM Haiku and Limerick Contest

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Shared Strategy for Puget Sound Adaptive Management Steering Committee Workshop, January 26-27, 2006

Navigating the Course to Puget Sound Salmon Recovery: An Interactive Workshop on Adaptive Management, February 28 and March 1, 2005

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December 7, 2004 Shared Strategy Workshop: Protecting Puget Sound Shorelines and Nearshore Habitats to Support Salmon Recovery

December 16, 2003–Navigating the Nearshore Workshop

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